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Beautiful Half Moon Bay Coast Cliffs And Ocean
Beautiful Half Moon Bay Coast Cliffs And Ocean
Beautiful Half Moon Bay Coast Cliffs And Ocean

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Adventures In Half Moon Bay, California

Discovering Orchids On The San Mateo County Coast

calypso bulbosa var.occidentalis orchid
Calypso bulbosa – By Bill Bouton from San Luis Obispo, CA, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
A true exotic beauty, orchids grace us with their stunning array of colorful flowers and are symbols of luxury, refinement, and grace throughout the world. When most people think of orchids a picture comes to mind of an exotic flowering plant that grows in the hot steamy tropical rainforests of Central and South America or the lush Hawaiian Islands. Little do many people know that the Northern California coastline is an ideal place to explore and discover both native and exotic species of orchids.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse – A Historic Landmark

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Pescadero, California
By Ramakrishna Gundra (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Located just south of the lovely seaside town of Pescadero (about 35 minutes from Inn at Mavericks) stands the picturesque Pigeon Point Lighthouse. This 144 year old icon is considered to be the tallest operating lighthouse on the West Coast (115-ft.) and one of the most recognizable in the Western United States. For over 140 years the lighthouse has guided ships in and out of the harbor and has served as a major coastal California treasure that has drawn hundreds of thousand of visitors each year. Today, the lighthouse and grounds have been designated a California State Park and are considered to be a California Historical Landmark listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Gray Whale Watching Cruises in Half Moon Bay

Gray Whale Encounter In Half Moon Bay, Click to Watch Video On YouTube
Click To Watch Video On YouTube

Every year beginning in the fall, gray whales travel over 12,000 miles from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska down to Baja California, Mexico to breed and give birth to their young. When Spring arrives, the gray whale mothers and their calves travel back north to their feeding grounds in Alaska. This migration path occurs along the California coast making it an ideal location to see these beautiful majestic creatures. The Oceanic Society offers an incredible 3 hour whale watching cruise beginning on December 26th, when visitors will get the amazing opportunity to see whales and hear commentary from a well versed naturalist about gray whale biology as well as other valuable information on other marine wildlife and seabirds. In addition to seeing gray whales, visitors might also see California sea lions, harbor seals, and porpoises.

Exploring Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Click To Watch Video On Vimeo
Click To Watch Video On Vimeo

Located only 15 minutes north of Half Moon Bay in Moss Beach, California, is Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. This three mile stretch of Northern California Coastline is known by scientists as one of the most bio-diverse intertidal regions in the state and is home to dozens of colorful, unique sea creatures. If you visit the reserve at low tide (one foot or less), you’ll be able to see a multitude of sea-life. The reserve hosts a living community of seaweed, crabs, sea-stars, octopus, sponges, mollusks, fish, and even harbor seals.

Pillar Point Harbor In Half Moon Bay

Pillar Point Harbor, Princeton-By-The-Sea, California And Romeo Pier

There are many exciting attractions surrounding the Inn at Mavericks. In the front of our picture, you’ll see the Pillar Point Harbor and Romeo Pier surrounded by the beautiful Half Moon Bay beaches. Fishing and crabbing without a license is allowed on all public piers in California. There are also sailing cruises, shoreline hiking trails, and picnicking within Pillar Point Harbor.


Princeton-By-The-Sea California - Click To Watch Video On YouTube
Click To Watch Video On YouTube

The coastal village of Princeton-by-the-sea is located only 5 miles north of the town of Half Moon Bay and is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a great vacation. The village is surrounded by Pillar Point Harbor, where visitors can rent kayaks and paddle boards and enjoy a day on Half Moon Bay. The local beaches in the area offer stunning views of the rugged coastline and attract thousands of visitors every year during the world famous “Mavericks” surfing competition. Many of the beaches are pet friendly and are great places to take your dog for the day. If you visit Princeton-By-the-Sea, dine locally and you’ll taste some of the best seafood in the area caught fresh from the Bay.

Half Moon Bay Recreation

Half Moon Bay Recreation - Click To Watch Video On YouTube
Click To Watch Video On YouTube

Wondering what to do while staying at Inn at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay? Well, you’ve come to the right place, Half Moon Bay has an endless list of recreational activities that may be perfect for you. The Inn at Mavericks is conveniently located within walking distance of many of these activities.