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Beautiful Half Moon Bay Coast Cliffs And Ocean
Beautiful Half Moon Bay Coast Cliffs And Ocean
Beautiful Half Moon Bay Coast Cliffs And Ocean

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Adventures In Half Moon Bay, California

Discovering Orchids On The San Mateo County Coast

calypso bulbosa var.occidentalis orchid
Calypso bulbosa – By Bill Bouton from San Luis Obispo, CA, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
A true exotic beauty, orchids grace us with their stunning array of colorful flowers and are symbols of luxury, refinement, and grace throughout the world. When most people think of orchids a picture comes to mind of an exotic flowering plant that grows in the hot steamy tropical rainforests of Central and South America or the lush Hawaiian Islands. Little do many people know that the Northern California coastline is an ideal place to explore and discover both native and exotic species of orchids.

Discover Butano State Park

Located 40 minutes south of Inn at Mavericks in Pescadero is Butano State Park, home to the incredibly beautiful Calypso bulbosa (Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis) orchid that blooms among the towering second and third growth redwood trees from February to March. These orchids are also called “Fairy Slippers” and have beautiful 2-inch flowers, purple petals and sepals, and a patterned lip. The redwood trees’ fallen leaves create a nutrient-rich mulch that provides the perfect habitat and rich-soil environment for this rare orchid to thrive. The Park offers guided tours where guests can learn about the Calypso orchids, history, geology, wildlife, and other unique plant life inside the park. Visit the State Park website for more details.

Explore Shelldance Orchid Gardens

For another unique experience, visit Shelldance Orchid Gardens in Pacifica, located 10 miles north of Inn at Mavericks. Shelldance specializes in rare and exotic bromeliads and is one of the premier collections of these unique plants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Guests are invited to explore the nursery and enjoy wandering through the many different garden rooms, one of which is a miniature replica of the tropical rainforest full of bromeliads, orchids, ferns, and flowers. Guests will also enjoy The Big Orchid Room and the Little Orchid Room which are full of a wide variety of orchids that are available for purchase. Shelldance is open to the public on weekends and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is a public entry point for the federally protected Sweeney Ridge. For more information on exploring Shelldance Orchid Gardens please visit their website.

Inn at Mavericks is the perfect location for your luxurious Half Moon Bay vacation and your exploration of the colorful and unique animal and plant life that make the Coastside area a unique and special place.