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Named After Ross Cove

Located at the northern base of Pillar Point (the western most tracking station of the United States Air Force), Ross' Cove offers unprecedented surfing. On smaller days on a high tide, the left breaks along the point and moves outside as the swell increases in size. Once in the lineup, the immense currents can take you in either of three directions, none of which are good. Volkswagen-sized boulders underwater create mushroom eddy's that identify take-off points; they also are a reminder of the downside of getting caught inside, as your leash can easily trip over one of these rocks and leave you helpless during a set. Maverick's is clearly visible from the outside lineup, and must have been seen by hundreds of surfers, which makes you wonder how Maverick's managed to stay so empty until 1990.

View From The Ross Cove Room

The View from The Ross Cove Room