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About a mile south of Moss Beach Distillery and another half mile out lies a reef break known as Flat Rock, which lies on the edge of a steep underwater ravine. Getting to this spot takes courage and stamina. First there's the treacherous near free-falling drop down 100 foot sandstone cliffs, then the long reef-hopping hike through sea urchins and finally a short but vigorous paddle in shifting currents to a large, cumbersome rock that is both intimidating and refuge. Only the southern portion is truly surfable, which works best on west swells. The swells wrap around the rock creating a right that is both hollow and steep. You rarely see other surfers at this spot. It is a badge to even make it this far! However keep plenty of energy stored in your system, as the hike back to your car can be much worse on the body.

View From The Flat Rock Room

The View from the Flat Rock Room