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Gray Whale Watching Cruises in Half Moon Bay

Every year beginning in the fall, gray whales travel over 12,000 miles from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska down to Baja California, Mexico to breed and give birth to their young. When Spring arrives, the gray whale mothers and their calves travel back north to their feeding grounds in Alaska. This migration path occurs along the California coast making it an ideal location to see these beautiful majestic creatures.  The Oceanic Society offers an incredible 3 hour whale watching cruise beginning on December 26th, when visitors will get the amazing opportunity to see whales and hear commentary from a well versed naturalist about gray whale biology as well as other valuable information on other marine wildlife and seabirds.  In addition to seeing gray whales, visitors might also see California sea lions, harbor seals, and porpoises.

The Half Moon Bay gray whale watching cruise will go from 9:00am-12:00pm and will depart from Pillar Point Yacht Harbor, a mere 3 minute drive or 10 minute walk from the Inn at Mavericks. Ticket prices are $59 for adults and $54 for children (ages 8-15).  Guests are encouraged to bring their own refreshments and to dress in warm clothing. For more information on gray whale watching cruises or on how to book a cruise visit the Oceanic Society.