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Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay

There are many exciting attractions surrounding the Inn at Mavericks.
In the front of our picture, you’ll see the Pillar Point Harbor and Romeo Pier surrounded by the beautiful Half Moon Bay beaches. Fishing and crabbing without a license is allowed on all public piers in California. There are also sailing cruises, shoreline hiking trails, and picnicking within Pillar Point Harbor.

Inn at Mavericks Half Moon Bay Sunset

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The sunset from your front door at Inn at MavericksWe truly have picturesque natural beauty here at Inn at Mavericks.

Our guests love our luscious Half Moon Bay sunsets and sunrises, and often send us fantastic pictures taken from their room’s balcony or porch. We’re located right on the beach, so there’s no obstruction between you and the ocean. The water seems to go on endlessly until it meets the sky. This is one of the many photographs that we have received from pleased guests, and it perfectly demonstrates the serene elegance of the view from our rooms.

The Story of How Mavericks Half Moon Bay, CA was Discovered

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“Mavericks” is a world-famous Northern California Surfing destination located just north of the town of Half Moon Bay, and south of Pillar Point in the town of Princeton-By-The-Sea.

Restaurants You Can Walk To

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The Inn at Mavericks is ideally located near many outstanding local Princeton, CA restaurants. To make your dinner decisions a little easier we’ve decided to mention just a few restaurants where you can have a delicious dinner and a pleasant walk from the hotel.


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The coastal village of Princeton-by-the-sea is located only 5 miles north of the town of Half Moon Bay and is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a great vacation. The village is surrounded by Pillar Point Harbor, where visitors can rent kayaks and paddle boards and enjoy a day on Half Moon Bay. The local beaches in the area offer stunning views of the rugged coastline and attract thousands of visitors every year during the world famous “Mavericks” surfing competition. Many of the beaches are pet friendly and are great places to take your dog for the day. If you visit Princeton-By-the-Sea, dine locally and you’ll taste some of the best seafood in the area caught fresh from the Bay.

Half Moon Bay Recreation

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Wondering what to do while staying at Inn at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay? Well, you’ve come to the right place, Half Moon Bay has an endless list of recreational activities that may be perfect for you. The Inn at Mavericks is conveniently located within walking distance of many of these activities.

Half Moon Bay Wedding Snail Car

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A group of guests staying at Inn at Mavericks for their wedding were pleasantly escorted to their ceremony in the, “Golden Mean Snail Car.” This unique automobile is an 11 foot work of art transformed from a 1966 VW bug into — we’re not joking — a snail car! Creators of this masterpiece are husband and wife team Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate. The Golden Mean Snail Car was named after “the golden ratio” or “golden mean,” a mathematical ratio that is used to establish balance and create items that are pleasing to the eye. This unique automobile has some very special features like two giant feelers on either side of the snail’s head that shoot flames from a propane tank located in the snail’s neck, a special rooftop platform where people can ride on top of the snail, and not to mention the fact that the snail seats 6 people comfortably. Watch our brief video to get a glimpse of this unique vehicle accompanied by an accordion player on the roof.

Visit Half Moon Bay California

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Delicious coastal cusuine, charming local shops, and breathtaking coastal views are just a few of the things you’ll encounter on your next trip to Half Moon Bay California. Watch our brief video to get an idea of what our picturesque seaside town has to offer. If your looking for a place to stay in the area, please consider the Inn at Mavericks, a spectacular Inn with luxurious, oceanfront rooms.

Half Moon Bay Farmers Market

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The farmlands that surround Half Moon Bay contain some of the best soil in California, add to this the gentle ocean climate with its morning fog and brilliant sun-soaked afternoons and you have one of the premiere growing locations in the US. Perhaps, we need to add into this equation the love and passion of a community dedicated to the practices of organic farming. Of course the proof is always in the quality of the produce, so please watch this 40 second video, highlighting a few of the vendors at the Half Moon Bay “Coastside Farmer’s Market”.

We encourage you to visit us at our Inn and drive a few miles south on Saturday morning and enjoy this breathtaking extravaganza of taste and health.

“A Room With A View!”

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The Innkeeper of the Inn At Mavericks informed me that one of the top requests for information about the Inn is… “What is the view from my room?”   I could go on-and-on for hours about the wharf, boats, sunsets, and sunrises, but this is once in life where the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be an understatement.  First picture is looking south-east towards the wharf.  Second picture is looking south across the bay.