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Half Moon Bay Wedding Snail Car

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A group of guests staying at Inn at Mavericks for their wedding were pleasantly escorted to their ceremony in the, “Golden Mean Snail Car.” This unique automobile is an 11 foot work of art transformed from a 1966 VW bug into — we’re not joking — a snail car! Creators of this masterpiece are husband and wife team Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate. The Golden Mean Snail Car was named after “the golden ratio” or “golden mean,” a mathematical ratio that is used to establish balance and create items that are pleasing to the eye. This unique automobile has some very special features like two giant feelers on either side of the snail’s head that shoot flames from a propane tank located in the snail’s neck, a special rooftop platform where people can ride on top of the snail, and not to mention the fact that the snail seats 6 people comfortably. Watch our brief video to get a glimpse of this unique vehicle accompanied by an accordion player on the roof.