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“An Elegant View of the Inn at Mavericks!” Guest Review

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The Inn through the treesOn my first visit to Half Moon Bay I was simply blown away when I drove up to the Inn at Mavericks and found a truly spectacular Inn literally inches away from the water with panoramic views of Half Moon Bay.

As I walked into my room I was delighted to find a lovely fireplace, gigantic bathtub, and an incredible balcony. One of my favorite things about the Inn at Mavericks is how conveniently located it is to some of the most incredible restaurants and bars.  Instead of driving to dinner, I decided to walk!

I took this picture on the last day of my visit to Half Moon Bay.  As I was walking into town I looked back at the Inn and thought the way the trees were framing the Inn was so elegant looking I had to stop and take a picture. I had a great time at the Inn at Mavericks and a wonderful time in Half Moon Bay.